Golden Foundation Residency

Anticipating a Golden Opportunity

Part 1 of 2

(see previous post for information about the Golden Foundation for the Arts.)

Golden Foundation Residency

Golden Campus


With the trip north being days away, I have been inventorying panels and selecting tools. It is hard to predict what I will need, so in my usual fashion, I am packing too much. The Subaru will ultimately be the final editor of my load.

This experience feels much like going off to summer camp, an experience I know quite well from my youth. This time instead of packing shorts, t-shirts, and hiking boots, I am packing the tools-of-the-trade, my painting clothes, and my ideas. I am still a kid getting ready for an adventure..

New Paintings: Small (available for purchase via website)


I have been working with Golden paints since the mid-1980s when a grad student (thanks, David Bottini) introduced me to them. I was immediately impressed with the heavy pigmented and even flowing characteristics of the paint. I also loved their wide range of choices; especially the metallic paints. As a company, their customer service is both personal and professional. When placing a phone order there would always be conversations about art and what was new in the studio. They took an interest.

To be able to spend four weeks at the “Mothership” is a great honor. What I am looking forward to most is the learning from the paint technicians about the properties of their paint, and working with the many products that change the way paint behaves.

New Paintings: Medium

Golden Foundation Residency

I have started to plan conceptually the work that I will be doing. Several new works (Barcelona #1-4) is the direction I want to head. The relationship between the objective image of the figure and the non-objective image still holds my fascination. I have always been a fan of the chaos to order process. Using these two ways of image making in one format has an emotional quality that I like and will start me down a path. The most exciting part is that I don’t know where that path will lead. I guess ultimately that is why I make paintings-it brings me to the exciting unknown. Painter, Juan Gris said, ‘You are lost the instant you know what the result will be.”


New Paintings: Large


Golden Foundation Residency

Watching the Outer Limits


Golden Foundation Residency


Golden Foundation Residency

Stay tuned for Part 2 of 2: Chaos to Order

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