Uncertain Relations Text

Uncertain Relations

by Joel Chace

written in purple

chalk on a

slate patio


boxes with

l’s in them

this was in

yellow chalk ‘noble


l’s in

boxes that just

fit around


‘the noble gas shortcut’

isn’t that just

another name for

a king’s


have you ever

considered the

gender of


Uncertain Relations

the wave function does

not represent the

density of charge

or matter

the intermediate stages of this

process occur in less than almost a billionth

of a billionth of a

billionth of a second and are

not observable

I can see you old

farts sitting at either

end of that long porch

with your laptops emaling

each other

if an electron and

a positron collide

to pro


a Z is the

Z a virtual


and even harder to

figure out in green

chalk looked

like a tipi then

an X another

tipi then a

p then maybe

a pointing arrowhead

underlined after

that a little h that

someone had

crossed and finally

a slash and

a 2

those are my

principles if you

don’t like them I

have others

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