Mark Flowers Paintings Small

Mark Flowers Mixed Media Paintings – Small

 $250 – $1,200

Crossing the Border  (SOLD)


The Funny Little Man Arrives $900

Purchase “The Funny Little Man Arrives”


Word $900

Purchase “Word”


Go With the Flow $500

Purchase “Go With the Flow”

Swimming in a New Pool  $800

Purchase “Swimming in a New Pool”

Confrontation $250

Purchase “Confrontation”

The Schedule We Keep  $850

Purchase “The-Schedule-We-Keep”

A Choice of Heart $500

Purchase “A-Choice-of-Heart”

Pink Decision $400

Purchase “Pink-Decision”


Paul  $500

Purchase “Paul”

Aidan’s Choice $500

Purchase “Aidan’s Choice”

Melissa $750

Purchase “Melissa”

Corey $750

Purchase “Corey”

Barcelona #5  $500

Purchase “Barcelona Five”

Distracted By Your Glare $800  

Purchase “Distracted by Your Glare”

Poking the Bear $1,200

Purchase “Poking the Bear”

Wardrobe Malfunction $1,200

Purchase “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Purchase “Neighbor”


Mark E. Flowers Mixed Media Paintings – Small

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