Jack in the Box Text

Jack in the Box

By: Carson Higby-Flowers


I’m scared of you. I can’t be myself, because I’m

filled with your fear. I’m scared of your vertical

stripes and your penny loafers. I’m scared to think

you are on “Duty.” I’m scared to think my room

has occupants when I’m not there.

I’m scared because I’m not in control of you or my life.

I can’t have control with you here…with me here.

I’m scared to think of what would happen if you

had ultimate control.

I want out, but I have to use the door next to the

emergency exit. I blanket myself from the

protection of you. I’m scared I’ve lost myself within


Your sharp black and white eyes slice open the

grey matter of my intentions. What if I was in

control? What if you couldn’t be who you were,

and I know who I am? What if I’m really not

scared, but you’ve made me that way.

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