An Art History + 4 New Ptgs

An Art History


I recently uncovered an interview I gave in 1988. It made me reflect on my own art history

as an evolution of moments. Following is a three-minute video marking 27 years of painting

and a lot of ‘evolution.’




Four New Paintings

4 New Ptgs • Mark Flowers



Sunday Morning

Sundays are our day to relax and celebrate being home. The morning is full of routines of space, love, and coffee. I needed to capture that in a painting.






Wi-Fi On Board

We are always connected. Even on a plane we are now connected. It’s hard to be alone anymore.






Leaving Denver

I was struggling to finish this work. I had both right and left panels resolved, but nothing was working for the middle panel. I saw a solution outside my taxi window on the way back from a recent trip to Denver; tall thin overhead lights in a parking lot rose up behind a small hill. The sunrise illuminated and silhouetted the image.







Distracted By Your Glare

I describe the essential quality of my work as containing “light, form and shadow”. This has always been key. Who said that artists basically have one or two good ideas that they spend their whole life working out? Maybe that’s true.




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