New Website Updated Optimized!

New Website Updated Optimized!

New Website Updated Optimized!

Before and Now 

New Website Updated Optimized!


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Following a 4-day immersion this past summer into all things WordPress – key phrases, keywords, SEO, metadata, categories, tags, internal links, external links, image formatting, widgets, plug-ins, PNG or JPG, responsive sites, permalinks, content, analytics, posts, pages, push, blogs, site icons, optimizer, URL, H1 tag, content, headers, click bait, pingback, short code, WIIFM, slider, retina, ALT Text, I’m ready for the test….bring it on! (Thanks to WP magician, Holly Czuba and On the Bright Side Photography).

All of this was to prepare for an upgrade to our static website badly in need of visitors. We are now committed to keeping it current and dynamic with blog posts you can use and share and regular updates of new work.

Our FB Mountain TEA Studios page was our first line of communication. That function will now go to our website so please subscribe on the News link if you are not already subscribed. We will ‘push’ info to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

In an effort to take more control of art exposure and sales, we have divided Mark’s paintings into several practical size categories; Small, Medium, Large, and Largest. In the Small category, all works are between $500-$800 and most can be purchased directly through the website. This is intended to make the work more affordable and accessible. The other larger works are also for sale. Those prices are on request via a contact form.

It is now possible to learn more about four of my documentaries along with a preview and a link for online purchase. (Buy any documentary and receive the award-winning FLAG DAY for free.) Also new to the website is a link sharing some of my artist’s books.

I hope you will browse through the whole site. The About section gives you a sense of how long we have been making work and how dedicated we are to pushing ourselves to make better work.

Always happy to hear any feedback! (Especially if you have any input for improvement or if you find any mistakes).

Thanks for visiting Mountain TEA !

Mark and Kristy


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