Small Works-A New Affordable Format for Paintings

Working in a New Format for My Paintings to be More Affordable for Those Collecting Fine Art

Small Works • A New Format represents a direction to create smaller and affordable paintings with an easy way to select and purchase directly from our website. This new format is in response to a redesign of our website. More about that later.

Three smaller works titled ‘Lag,‘ ‘On Time‘, and ‘Waze To Go‘ continue with the theme of commuting. As a basic formula or starting point, movement has been a consistent visual device throughout my painting career.

affordable paintings

I use an app on my phone called Waze to watch the traffic conditions. It makes my commute to work seem more like a video game.

affordable paintings

Being ‘On Time’ becomes an obsession for many. I am realizing that being on time is just another rule to be followed…or not.

affordable paintings

Lag’ concerns the artificial feeling of traveling through time zones. Your body has a temporary loss of reality and place.

Small Works – A New Choice for  Affordable Paintings

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